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Tips for living off campus

Living on your own for the first time can be a very exciting time in the life of a college student. You will have more freedom and responsibility at the same time.

We hope this information helps you on your way to living within a community outside the campus of The College of New Jersey. There are many areas in the life of an off campus student which are unique to you.

Hopefully, this guide will give you an adequate amount of information to get you started.

Being a good neighbor

Put your trash and recycling outside the morning of the pick up. This is a township ordinance and prevents animals from tearing open your trash and dragging it across your lawn. It keeps your lawn clean and reduces neighbors’ complaints. Trash days change depending on where you live, so check with your neighbors.

Be courteous of your immediate neighbors when hosting social events or when returning home late at night. 10:00 p.m. is generally the time when most ordinances (especially noise) are enforced.

Keep your property clean. Always make sure your grass is kept cut and free of trash, and keep your facade clean. This will make your neighbors happy, and make you a “model” citizen of the community.

Park your vehicle only in designated areas. In some parts of Ewing Twp., parking on the streets is illegal, so make sure you check with your tenant for proper parking areas. While parking, check to make sure you’re not blocking fire hydrants or driveways.

If you are permitted to have pets, make sure you pick up after them and keep them on a leash. Nobody likes a dog that runs around the neighborhood making messes in other people’s yards. Also, have any dogs licensed and registered with the township.

Always remember you are part of a community. It’s important for you to do your part in community activities. Don’t shirk away from helping an elderly lady with groceries, or to help a neighbor rake his leaves. Respect those around you and they will respect you.

Saftey First

  • Always lock your door when you leave and when at home
  • Secure all windows when not at home
  • Keep your car doors locked at all times
  • Roll up all windows when not in car
  • Never leave any valuables in plain sight
  • Bring a friend with you when walking around the neighborhood at night
  • It’s a good idea to carry mace or pepper spray with you
  • Don’t give out spare keys to strangers
  • Don’t invite strangers into your home
  • Always be on the lookout for suspicious people or activity. Report any of this to the local authorities